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New Yorkers Celebrate First Disability Pride Parade

Jul 16, 2015

On Sunday, July 12th, New York City hosted its first annual Disability Pride Parade. Over 3,000 members of the disability community took over Broadway to champion equal access, and to mark the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Crowds cheered enthusiastically as participants passed by. Mayor Bill de Blasio was in attendance, telling reporters he […]

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Interview with Mirabai Knight, Realtime Captioner

Jul 1, 2015

The second installment of our Accessibility Activists column is an interview with Mirabai Knight, a realtime captioner. Knight is also a contributor to the StenoSpeak for Android project. When did you first get started in accessibility? You could argue that my first entry into accessibility was in third grade, when we were given the assignment to invent something […]

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Accessibility in the News – March 2015

Mar 26, 2015

Here is a roundup of some accessibility stories in the news recently. In Ontario, the Collingwood Public Library was awarded a grant to update its technology with more accessible devices. Microsoft received a 2015 Access Award from the American Foundation for the Blind, in recognition of their accomplishments on the Windows-Eyes screen reader. On opensource.com, […]

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Interview with Entrepreneur and Accessibility Activist John Kirkwood

Mar 6, 2015

In our new Accessibility Activists column, Equal Entry will be highlighting  the work of people who set and achieve high standards in digital accessibility. Our first installment is an interview with John Kirkwood from CityMouse, one of New York’s first independent Internet media agencies. When did you first get started in accessibility? Well, accessibility has always been a part of […]

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Accessibility in the News – January 2015

Feb 3, 2015

Here is a roundup of some accessibility stories in the news this month. In British Columbia, the Telemark Nordic Club was awarded a federal enabling accessibility grant to help fund an upgrade to the ski lodge. The lodge will soon be wheelchair accessible and sit-ski/sled accessible. At UC Davis, the Student Disability Center is providing […]

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Q&A: Making a Physical Board Game Accessible for Blind and Low Vision Players

Feb 7, 2014

Let\’s start from the beginning. How did you come up with the idea of making a board game be accessible? It started early last year, in March, when I started working with a student at Colorado State University named Adam, who is blind. I was supposed to work with him to help him in one […]

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Making a Colorful Video Game Work for Color Blind Gamers

Jun 1, 2013

Zuma, a tile-matching puzzle video game created by PopCap Games, continues to be one of the most popular free games on the internet. During play, colored balls roll around the screen on a set path, and players attempt to eliminate these balls by firing like-colored balls at them from a stone frog’s mouth, in an […]

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Regal Cinemas to Offer Closed-Captioning Glasses

May 13, 2013

From NPR’s All Tech Considered: Sony Entertainment Access Glasses are sort of like 3-D glasses, but for captioning. The captions are projected onto the glasses and appear to float about 10 feet in front of the user. They also come with audio tracks that describe the action on the screen for blind people, or they […]

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Indian Company Builds Braille Smartphone Prototype

May 7, 2013

From Phys.org: Kriyate Design Solutions, headed and run by post-graduate student Sumit Dagar, has built a prototype Braille smartphone that makes use of a type of shape metal alloy to cause pins to raise and lower on a touchscreen—it allows users to read what is being sent using only their fingertips. Read the full article […]