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“XR” is a catch-all term for virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality technologies. As new technologies like these become more widely available, new solutions are needed to ensure people with disabilities can participate.

Equal Entry can help make your technology work for XR.

A Citi report [PDF] reveals the metaverse economy could hit $13 trillion by 2030. Citi refers to this time as "still early." This is your chance to stand out from the crowd. Get started with XR now and build with accessibility in mind.

Image Description: An Accessibility Virtual Reality Meetup inside of Spatial with a large number of people in attendance as virtual avatars. Image cropped in the shape of a VR headset.

Attract more customers

XR apps that are born accessible reach more customers, lower liability, and drive profits.

Accessible products aren't just used by people with disabilities. Many people like and prefer them because accessible products can create more enjoyable and user-friendly experiences.

We can help you reach a larger audience with accessible XR.

Image Description: Screenshot of Mozilla Hubs UI showing Equal Entry prototype for alternate text entry for 3D objects.

Get an accessibility audit that's easy to understand

Most accessibility audits result in a long list of things that need fixing. That's not what you'll get from us. Instead, we share a few of the top issues with the greatest impact. This is a better approach because it takes care of the most critical issues first. Equal Entry has a long established Expert Audit process for evaluating any type of information communication technology.

We will walk your team through the process, track the bugs, and give you visual aids of what the bug or the fix looks like. Equal Entry has been involved in innovating and exploring new solutions to the challenges that XR brings.

Win government contracts

Equal Entry produces a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) for all types of technology and can do one today for your XR. This is the document the government requires to find out how accessible your XR technology is for people with disabilities.

We can audit your product and help you create the VPAT.

Image Description: Demonstration of Job Simulator VR title adapted with WalkInVR. Thomas Logan using XBOX controller to assist Kenji Yanagawa wearing headset

Work with industry-respected experts in XR accessibility

Work with a leader in extended reality accessibility. The XR industry often refers to the Equal Entry team for our work in XR accessibility, including virtual reality (VR). Equal Entry's XR accessibility work has caught the attention of XR influencers and organizations. Equal Entry's team built a more accessible social virtual reality setting.

We can audit your product and help you create the VPAT.

Equal Entry team members are core members of XR Access, an organization committed to making XR accessible for people with disabilities. They're frequently invited and appear as speakers at prestigious events on the topic of XR accessibility.

Pick up free XR accessibility knowledge

Join our A11yVR community to connect with virtual reality professionals. Equal Entry's Thomas Logan is the founder of this group. It's the first meetup focused on accessibility in XR and VR started in March of 2020.

Almost every Meetup in the first year took place in Mozilla Hubs, a social virtual reality environment. Because of this, Equal Entry has a connection with the Mozilla Hubs team. They provide feedback on how to improve the Mozilla Hubs experience.

Meet organizations that trust Equal Entry's expertise

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