Building Accessibility into Social Virtual Reality Experiences

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Thomas Logan completed the Edstutia Instructor Certification in Extended Reality (ICXR). He spent several months learning how to make immersive and engaging presentations in virtual reality.

In this presentation, Thomas demonstrates new accessibility options built into the Edstutia social virtual reality platform. He also reviews Equal Entry’s previous work in this space.

He discusses how accessible and customizable virtual spaces can enhance community engagement, the role of accessibility features in fostering an inclusive environment, and the challenges overcome in creating engaging and accessible virtual reality (VR) spaces.

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Presenter bio

For 20 years, Thomas Logan has helped organizations create technology solutions that work for people with disabilities. Over his career, he has worked with startups to Fortune 500s including Microsoft, Google, Meta, Bank of America, New York Times, Princeton University, and Disney. He has also done projects for many federal, state, and local government agencies in the U.S.

He’s the owner of Equal Entry, whose mission is “contributing to a more accessible world.” Clients come to Equal Entry for accessibility audits, training on accessibility, and legal accessibility expertise.

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Equal Entry
Accessibility technology company that offers services including accessibility audits, training, and expert witness on cases related to digital accessibility.

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