Equal Entry Accessibility Statement

We want our site to be as accessible as possible, so please let us know how we can improve it.  There is also a quick link to this page within the footer of every Equal Entry page so that we can prioritize Accessibility related issues over others requests. Equal Entry’s site is built on top of WordPress. We track new features and functionality at Make WordPress Accessible.


Question: Can I have a list of all of the Equal Entry blog articles as a single page of links?

Answer: Yes, we have a Blog Posts List page that will give an easy way to navigate all of our articles going back to 2012.


  1. Why have Website listed as an optional field? Aren’t we asking them to provide us feedback on the EE website… are you asking them to provide a detailed URL for the page they are having an accessibility issue with? is there a way to capture the page they used to navigate to this page – and pre-populate it?

    The connect with “gmail icon” follows a path that asks the user to approve EE gaining access to all my email contact 🙁 Not sure who would agree to that or if they did What EE is doing with them 🙁

    “Hi Heather
    equalentry.com wants to

    View your email addresses

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