Virtual Reality in the Dark: VR Development for People Who Are Blind | Accessibility VR Meetup Recap

Image Description: A11yVR with Aaron Gluck

Today’s commercial VR systems provide interaction methods allowing people with disabilities to experience gaming and virtual environments as never before. Aaron Gluck discussed developing two VR game prototypes, The Enclosing Dark: A VR Auditory Adventure and Racing in the Dark, neither of which uses visuals to provide information to the player.

He has accomplished this by focusing on the usually supplemental information channels: audio and haptic feedback. Through Aaron’s research and implementations, learn how current VR technology can be leveraged to support highly accessible content.

Aaron Gluck is a third-year Human-Centered Computing Ph.D. student at Clemson University. He works in the Design and Research of In-Vehicle Experiences (DRIVE) Lab, where he researches accessible autonomous vehicle human-machine interfaces for older adults and people with disabilities. Aaron’s personal research interests are related to accessible VR.

For the last three years, he has been trying to answer the question, “What would an accessible virtual reality game for people who are blind look like?” His passion and love for VR have led Aaron to focus on making VR accessible so everyone can share in the experience. Aaron lives in Clemson, South Carolina, with his wife and two daughters.

Here are some of the highlights from this presentation:

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