Can People with Disabilities Use VR? | ID24 Recap

Image Description: Inclusive Design 24 Can people with disabilities use VR? with Japanese characters

Inclusive Design 24 (ID24) is a free 24-hour online event for the global community for sharing knowledge and ideas in inclusive design.

For the first time in ID24 history, a presenter gave a presentation in Japanese. Equal Entry’s Kenji Yanagawa spoke in Japanese. Thanks to Makoto Ueki from Infoaxia for adding live captions using UDtalk software.

The way it worked is that attendees would scan the QR code from a slide that appeared on ID24’s YouTube channel. This lets the audience view the captions in their own language.

During the presentation, Maiko Oshida of Florence and Shunsuke Ito manually corrected the captions. This made it possible for UDtalk to be more accurate.

In the talk, Kenji shared interesting virtual reality (VR) use cases to show how to make VR apps more accessible and why it’s important.

VR accessibility is important for the following reasons:

  • Allows people to do things beyond their physical capabilities.
  • Helps build empathy with people who live their lives differently.
  • Breaks barriers between people with and without disabilities.

Even though VR has great potential, how the industry responds could mean the difference between putting up another barrier or opening doors.

The captions are in Japanese. To view them in English or another language, select Gear icon > auto-translate > the language you prefer.

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