Billion Strong: A Global Identity and Empowerment Nonprofit | Accessibility NYC Meetup Recap

Image Description: a11yNYC "Billion Strong: A Global Identity and Empowerment Nonprofit" with Debra Ruh

On October 7, 2021, Accessibility New York City hosted a Meetup entitled “Billion Strong: A Global Identity and Empowerment Nonprofit.”

According to the World Health Organization, there are 1.3B people with disabilities in the world. Also, many efforts are being made to include persons with disabilities including efforts like The Valuable 500. Wonderful. Still, we have a Global “supply versus demand” issue. The corporations are creating demand but if the community is not willing to self-identity, empower ourselves and our fellow peers with disabilities, we will continue to have a supply problem.

In this presentation, Debra Ruh, CEO of Ruh Global IMPACT, discusses What Billion Strong plans to do, why these efforts support accessibility and inclusion, and why join the Billion Strong movement.



Slides coming soon.

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