Why Winn-Dixie Doesn’t Matter Recap

Image Description: Equal Entry webinar with Ken Nakata

In April of 2021, the eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals released its decision in Gil v. Winn-Dixie. Many advocates proclaimed it was a major blow to disability rights and some suggest that only a miracle in the Supreme Court can fix the problem. This presentation offers a broader perspective and describes why the Winn-Dixie decision really isn’t surprising and shouldn’t have much impact on disability rights at all.

In “Why Winn-Dixie Doesn’t Matter,” Ken Nakata reviews web accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act, including the split in the Federal circuits.



Because Ken is a lawyer in addition to being a consultant, he has to start with a disclaimer. Please note that nothing in this presentation should be interpreted as legal advice or as forming an attorney-client relationship. Before acting on any of this information contained, you should seek assistance from a licensed attorney in your state.

So most people think that lawyers are protecting themselves, but it’s actually to protect you. This recap only touches on a few of them and having an attorney who knows all of your factors especially the ones that are unique to you is the only way to make confident decisions.

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