Using Task-Oriented Walk Throughs for Accessibility Reviews | Accessibility NYC Meetup Recap

Image Description: Accessibility New York City Logo next to headshot of Sarah Pulis

On July 14, 2020, Accessibility New York City hosted a meetup entitled “Using Task-Oriented Walk Throughs for Accessibility Reviews.” Presenter Sarah Pulis, digital accessibility and inclusive design expert and co-founder of Intopia, described a novel process to use when evaluating tasks in the user interfaces of various information technologies.

Here are some of our highlights from her presentation:


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  1. And not a moment too soon as for far too long people have poo poo’ed Irlen and her coloured over-lays but, now there is a tsunami in ADA claims from DSE operators working form home suddenly “colour and contrast” in the public domain in the US whereas the Roast Beefs have been suing it for years to enable Digital Literacy from 8 to 80 year olds.

    Over-exposure to the near or close-up in more urban indoor life-styles maybe another pandemic that started in the East, the home of Hot-Housing Kids in School, after school and twilight cramming sessions but, they were also the first to adopt technologies made by them for us exacerbating their eye-strain, visual repetitive stress injuries, myopic or asthenopic disease now presenting in 50% more children in the US.

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