The Past, Present and Future of Accessibility in Mozilla Hubs | Accessibility VR Meetup Recap

Equal Entry
June 2, 2021
Image Description: A11yVR logo with Dan Fernie-Harper

Hubs works towards the Mozilla mission of keeping the internet open and accessible to all by providing an ecosystem for communities, organizers, educators, artists, and developers to easily build and deploy innovative web content in a social, open manner.

The Mozilla Hubs team highly values the accessibility community’s voice in helping to make Mozilla Hubs a more usable and accessible product. Dan Fernie-Harper from Mozilla Hubs Design and People Experiences team will present an update on the past, present, and future of accessibility in Mozilla Hubs, speaking about the user experience design process.

Dan Fernie-Harper is a Design Content Creator on the Hubs Design and People Experiences team. He has a passion for inclusive emerging and immersive technologies complimenting his love of audio-visual production, traditional and digital illustration, and 3D animation and modeling.

Here are the presentation slides with requested links.

Check out the following highlights from this presentation:

Equal Entry
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