Captions and Beyond: Building XR software for all users | Accessibility VR Meetup Recap

Equal Entry
June 22, 2021
Image Description: A11yVR logo with Evan Tice

Captions in cross-reality (XR) provide an opportunity for participants with language barriers or hearing and speaking differences to communicate across. This talk covered the captions design and implementation (so far) in AltspaceVR from the perspective of one of the engineers who worked on it. In addition, this talk explores how engineering and design teams might think about designing software for those who experience XR differently from them.

Evan Tice is a Senior Software Engineering Lead for AltspaceVR, within the Mixed Reality organization at Microsoft. He led the integration of captions into AltspaceVR and has worked in the past on Hand interactions with HoloLens, as well as other HoloLens features. Previously, he was an engineer on the Windows team.

Here are some of the highlights from his presentation:

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