Adapting VR Games for People with Disabilities | Accessibility VR Meetup Recap

Image Description: A11yVR with Greg Bednarski

Beat Saber, Job Simulator, AudioShield, BoxVR, and many more games are engaging and very immersive. But they haven’t been accessible for everyone… until now. Players with disabilities can play the best VR games with WalkinVR Driver.

Greg Bednarski presented adaptation methods that make virtual reality more accessible.

He demonstrated adaptation methods provided via WalkinVR that allow people with disabilities to play in virtual reality:

  • Play with another person’s assistance
  • Allow people with limited motion to move with controllers
  • Use controllers to move virtually (also called space drag)
  • Engage without using controllers

Greg Bednarski is a big fan of VR who has a mission to help everyone to join the virtual world, regardless of their disabilities. He designed and created WalkinVR, the first software that adapts virtual reality for people with disabilities. VR opens a world without boundaries, where physical limitations don’t stop them from discovering all that VR has to offer.

Here are some of the highlights from this presentation:

Here’s the transcript [PDF].

Virtual Reality (VR) Accessibility Consulting Services

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