Equal Entry, Infoaxia and TetraLogical Announce a New International Accessibility Alliance

New international accessibility alliance to enable global organizations to navigate regional regulatory and cultural accessibility standards.

Global organizations now deliver content and services across borders to international audiences. It is critical that regional laws and standards are understood and adhered to.

An appreciation of the cultural factors that make an international accessibility strategy successful is also required. Regional differences in attitude and preferred language are often subtle, but have a high impact.

The international accessibility alliance from Equal Entry, Infoaxia and TetraLogical will:

  • Assist global organizations to adhere to and understand regulations including Section 508, EN301 549 and JIS X 8341-3 2016.
  • Pre-empt legal action under increasing disability legislation.
  • Develop and implement successful global accessibility strategies.
  • Reach more consumers with positive brand experiences.

Thomas Logan of Equal Entry (North America) said, “Many global organizations doing business in the United States do not realize how much accessibility has changed. In recent years there have been thousands of lawsuits related to digital technology under the Americans with Disabilities Act Title III – companies are now expected to comply and excel at delivering solutions that work for all people.”

Makoto Ueki of Infoaxia (Japan) said, “Japanese organizations need to be actively involved in accessibility because Japan is the country with the highest aging population in the world. Accessible and inclusive design benefits not only people with disabilities, but everyone including older people.”

Léonie Watson of TetraLogical (UK and Europe) said, “Our alliance means that when organizations choose TetraLogical, Infoaxia or Equal Entry to help with their global accessibility strategy they have our combined knowledge and expertise at their disposal.”

Equal Entry, Infoaxia, and TetraLogical are united in their commitment to international accessibility and inclusive design, and we look forward to the future as our new international accessibility alliance evolves, delivering bespoke solutions to our clients.

For more information and to learn how we can assist you to deliver a global accessibility strategy, please email contact@equalentry.com.

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