Thomas Logan giving presentation

Watch Thomas Logan’s Presentation on Multimedia and Accessibility

Aug, 8, 2016

Thomas Logan, Equal Entry CEO, recently gave a presentation at thoughtbot titled “Multimedia and Accessibility.” The presentation focused on accessibility techniques to improve access to multimedia content. Real world examples were pulled from content such as “The Facts of Life,” “Flowers for Algernon,” “The Miracle Worker,” and “St. Elsewhere.” For those who were unable to […]

Thomas Logan, Equal Entry CEO, Gives Presentation at NYCDA

Jul, 7, 2016

For digital accessibility advocates, outreach is essential. Since our inception, Equal Entry has committed significant time and resources to accessibility education. As an example of our work, check out the video we shared about using Cortana and speech recognition together on Windows 10. Thomas Logan, Equal Entry CEO, was recently invited to give a presentation at the New York Code […]

Niclas Bergström

Q&A with Niclas Bergström, CEO of ReadSpeaker

Jun, 6, 2016

This installment of our Accessibility Activists column is an interview with Niclas Bergström, CEO of ReadSpeaker. ReadSpeaker converts text to speech on a variety of devices through a “Listen” button–try it on this article. Bergström comes from a sound and computer background, and has started and developed companies in this field for over 15 years. Follow ReadSpeaker on Twitter at @ReadSpeaker. […]

Photo of Sue Martin and her seeing-eye dog Quan

An Interview with Sue Martin, Author of “In Dog We Trust”

Jun, 6, 2016

Sue Martin’s first book, Out of the Whirlpool, is a deeply honest and moving account of the rebuilding of her life after a suicide attempt in her youth ended in traumatic blindness. Since that day, she has greeted the world with her trademark determination and humor, accepting the challenges placed before her as she adjusted to being blind. In […]

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Q&A with John Huth, Librarian

Apr, 4, 2016

This month’s installment of our Accessibility Activists column is an interview with John Huth, Young Adult Librarian for The Child’s Place in Brooklyn. He collaborates with partners, including schools and community-based organizations, to provide high quality information services to underserved young people, including those with disabilities. When did you first get started in accessibility? In […]

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Equal Entry will Deliver a Presentation at CSUN on Multimedia Accessibility

Mar, 3, 2016

If you will be attending the 31st Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference this month, come see us! Thomas Logan from Equal Entry will give a presentation on multimedia accessibility techniques applied to real examples — specifically, using historical representations of people with disabilities in film and television. The presentation will take place […]

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Accessibility in the News – February 2016

Feb, 2, 2016

Here is a roundup of some accessibility stories we noticed in the news recently. At the Grammy’s, when Stevie Wonder presented the award for Song of the Year, he mentioned that the winner’s name was printed in Braille and preached accessibility for all. A lawsuit has been filed against AMC Theatres, alleging they are violating […]

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Q&A with Tiffany Yu, Founder of Diversability

Feb, 2, 2016

This month’s installment of our Accessibility Activists column is an interview with Tiffany Yu, the Director of Business Development at REVOLT Media & TV. Yu is also the founder of Diversability, an award-winning social movement to rebrand disability. She graduated with honors from Georgetown University and currently lives in New York City. Follow her on Twitter at […]

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Accessibility 2016: Where do the Candidates Stand?

Feb, 2, 2016

According to the 2010 US Census, there are 303.9 million people living in America, and 56.7 million of them are people with disabilities. This means that roughly one in five Americans has some form of disability, and many more have a personal connection to a person with a disability. With statistics like these, one would […]

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Interview with Svetlana Kouznetsova, Founder of Audio Accessibility

Jan, 1, 2016

The latest installment of our Accessibility Activists column is an interview with Svetlana Kouznetsova, founder of Audio Accessibility, a consulting service that helps make audio, videos, and events accessible for deaf people. In addition to her work in accessibility, Kouznetsova also works in user experience and product management. When did you first get started in accessibility?  […]