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Rhea Guntalalib sits in front of her computer with an iPhone next to the machine

Topic: How I use my screen reader

This presentation will demonstrate how a screen reader is used to access information on the Internet. The presentation will cover web browsing, email, social media, and time-tracking tools. 

Rhea Guntalalib – Equal Entry

A totally blind IT Specialist with expertise in Digital Accessibility and Inclusion. a content writer, educator and a public speaker.

She is also actively participating as a speaker in different events. I do ICT related talks, particularly in the topic of digital accessibility and Inclusive Design. She became a speaker in events like The Philippine Youth Congress for Information Technology (Y4IT), International Usability Congress (Ux Ph) and even facilitated a Web Accessibility workshop for the Japan Braille Library in Malaysia and many more.

Thursday, September 3rd, at 7PM Eastern.


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    1. Hi Liz, if you register for the event we will send you a recording of the presentation. Thank you for your interest!

  1. Hello. I am an iOS user, both iPhone and MacBook Pro. I missed the Webinar but would be very interested in a link to watch the recording. Hope it is possible.


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