Presentation: “Open Accessible Pedestrian Signals”

On January 17th, the A11Y Princeton Meetup will host a presentation called “Open Accessible Pedestrian Signals (Open APS).” Thomas Logan, Equal Entry CEO, will be discussing his work on the Open APS NYC project alongside partner Chuck Groom, serial entrepreneur and founder of Seattle Tech Startups. Answering the Call for Innovation – Enhancing Mobility for Blind and Low Vision Pedestrians challenge, Logan and Groom have built an advanced pedestrian signal device at a fraction of the current price.

APS unit at crosswalk in New York City
As of December 31, 2016, there are APS units installed at 209 intersections citywide, 78 of which were installed over the past year.

In their presentation, Logan and Groom will discuss the background of accessible pedestrian signals, what they are, and how they are used. They will then demonstrate and discuss the hardware and software components of their Open APS project. Finally, they will highlight technical accessibility barriers that exist in software-based maps, and will demonstrate techniques for communicating spatial information in ways that are accessible to everyone.

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