Presentation: “Lessons Learned from Recent Litigation and Emerging Best Practices”

A Winn-Dixie logo appears beside a wheelchair accessibility icon and Apple Mac accessibility icons

Last month, a federal Judge held that a grocery store website must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). As a result, businesses across the United States need to stay abreast of the legal issues and practical considerations involved in managing risk in this evolving and increasingly litigious climate. Equal Entry’s Chris Keroack served as an expert witness on the recent Winn-Dixie case.

Thomas Logan, Equal Entry CEO, recently gave a presentation to over 400 attorneys, titled “Lessons Learned from Recent Litigation and Emerging Best Practices.” Presenting with attorneys from Ballard Spahr LLP this week, Thomas Logan covered topics such as obligations under the ADA, relevant litigation and enforcement activity, common accessibility issues that create litigation vulnerabilities, and suggestions on next steps to reduce risk.

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