Opening the Virtual Door to All: Online Accessibility Standards: Presentation Recap

On Tuesday July 17th, Equal Entry CEO Thomas Logan spoke on a panel at the New York Intellectual Property Law Association. The panel discussion was titled “Opening the Virtual Door to All: Online Accessibility Standards.”

Nancy A. Del Pizzo, a partner from Rivkin Radler, first spoke eloquently on why website accessibility matters for intellectual property attorneys. IP attorneys are at the forefront of the intersection of legal issues and technology, so it is important to understand that technology accessibility litigation is increasing rapidly.

John W. Egan a partner from Seyfarth Shaw presented a legal framework for website accessibility and touched on the recent trends in web accessibility lawsuits. He highlighted some data Seyfarth Shaw compiled at Website Access and Other ADA Title III Lawsuits Hit Record Numbers 

“In addition, for the first six months of 2018, New York (1026 lawsuits) has overtaken Florida (882 lawsuits) for the honor of having the second highest number of ADA Title III lawsuits, with California (2155 lawsuits) retaining its number one position as the most busy jurisdiction for ADA Title III filings.”

Thomas Logan discussed three common issues affecting web accessibility:

  1. Technology that requires fine motor control,
  2. Information that is perceivable only with vision,
  3. Multimedia with inaccurate or no captions.

He was able to illustrate the first two points based on his recent article Accessible Maps on the Web. The illustrations he used showed how the map was first inaccessible and was later made accessible via code modifications. He also included an example of very bad captions from a CNN live broadcast.

Bad Captions example from CNN

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