How to use Text on Top for Accessible Live Meetings

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At our Accessibility New York Meetup we always provide live captioning to ensure a wide audience can benefit from the information our speakers share. Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is a service provided by people who specialize in realtime captioning. A real time captioner possesses the ability to type upwards of 180 to 280 words per minute.

When someone is speaking at a live meeting, the realtime captioner will typically be using a stenotype machine to convert the audible words into written text. For the largest number of people to benefit from a realtime captioning service, it is advised to have the text prominently displayed either on the presentation or on a separate screen near the person who is speaking.

At our meetup, we have the presenter install a piece of software on their computer called Text on Top. Text on Top will be able to display the text being typed by the realtime captioner as the presenter is speaking.

Installing Text on Top

  1. Navigate to Text on Top Downloads
  2. Activate the link on the page Download the latest Text on Top® software

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