People with Disabilities Still an Afterthought in Tech Design

Voice of America recently published a great article by Aida Akl on digital accessibility. In the article, Akl addresses the ways in which people with disabilities are ignored during the design process of new technologies, in spite of the progress made in accessible computing. She also discusses the difficulty in getting older systems and static web content updated for accessibility, and the work being done to ensure the next generation of developers are educated on how to design inclusively. Initiatives such as Teaching Accessibility share a core belief with Equal Entry and other organizations: training people on accessibility is essential to making progress on accessibility.

Perhaps the most striking quote in the article comes from Judy Brewer, director of the Web Accessibility Initiative:

“Newer technologies are increasingly being taken up rapidly in settings that people with disabilities want and need to participate in, such as education, the workplace, healthcare, commerce, social media and entertainment, where it is critical not to exclude people.”

Read the full article on Voice of America’s website.

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