Instagram does not have a method to describe an image for people who are blind or low vision

Are Your Images on Social Media Accessible?

Mar, 3, 2017

Equal Entry believes that authoring tools should be available on all social media platforms, so that the content can be made accessible to everyone. Here is Thomas Logan, Equal Entry CEO, with a one-minute video on the subject. Transcript: Instagram does not have a method to describe an image for people who are blind or […]

US Access Board Approves Section 508 Refresh

Feb, 2, 2017

In January, the US Access Board approved several updates to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, bringing long-awaited changes to federal digital accessibility requirements. Many of these changes have been inspired by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG2), an international set of standards that are considered to be more up-to-date. Because the WCAG2 guidelines focus solely […]

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New Version of Firefox Contains a “Narrate” Feature

Oct, 10, 2016

The current release of Firefox (version 49) contains an exciting new feature: Narrate. Narrate is a text-to-speech feature which can be enabled in the Reader Mode view. Here are a few more details, courtesy of Engadget: Firefox’s new text-to-speech feature helpfully narrates articles so you can step away from the screen or swap to another tab and […]

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Coming Soon: A Braille Kindle?

Sep, 9, 2016

Developers at the University of Michigan are working on a Braille-based Kindle for the blind. In addition to e-reader capabilities, the device will allow people who are blind to surf the web in a way they were previously unable to do: Users will be able to interact with photographs, spreadsheets, and graphs. Refreshable Braille technology […]

2016 Paralympics: Let the Games Begin!

Sep, 9, 2016

The 2016 Paralympic Games begin today in Rio de Janeiro. This major sporting event involves athletes with a range of disabilities, including impaired muscle power, impaired passive range of movement, and limb deficiency. The Paralympic Games began as a small gathering of British World War II veterans in 1948, but it has grown to be […]

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Accessibility at the Rio 2016 Olympics

Aug, 8, 2016

This year’s Olympics will be the most accessible to date. In addition to all the work that has been done to make the Olympic village itself accessible, viewers watching NBC coverage at home will enjoy a greater level of accessibility too. This includes: Live video descriptions of Olympic events in all local regions where SAP (Secondary Audio Program) […]

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Equal Entry will Deliver a Presentation at CSUN on Multimedia Accessibility

Mar, 3, 2016

If you will be attending the 31st Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference this month, come see us! Thomas Logan from Equal Entry will give a presentation on multimedia accessibility techniques applied to real examples — specifically, using historical representations of people with disabilities in film and television. The presentation will take place […]

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Accessibility in the News – February 2016

Feb, 2, 2016

Here is a roundup of some accessibility stories we noticed in the news recently. At the Grammy’s, when Stevie Wonder presented the award for Song of the Year, he mentioned that the winner’s name was printed in Braille and preached accessibility for all. A lawsuit has been filed against AMC Theatres, alleging they are violating […]

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Accessibility in the News – December 2015

Dec, 12, 2015

Here is a roundup of some accessibility stories we noticed in the news recently. Ohio is a swing state in elections and new lawsuit alleges that online voting opportunities are inaccessible to people with disabilities. Bluetooth beacon navigation for the visually impaired has been installed in some of London’s subway stops. Nyle DiMarco, a model […]

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CADET: Advanced Caption Authoring Software from Industry Pioneers

Dec, 12, 2015

In 1972, the first captions for broadcast television appeared on WGBH in Boston. For over 40 years, WGBH has remained an industry leader in providing media access to people with disabilities. They run a non-profit R&D organization called the National Center for Accessible Media, and they released a free captioning tool called MAGpie in 2000 […]