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The State of Accessibility and VR, Part 1

Nov, 11, 2017

by Sam Berman The most popular application of VR as it stands now is gaming. Never has this been more obvious than with the opening of VR World, New York City’s first virtual reality arcade. While gaming is the most natural and apparent use, we will see VR incorporated in an increasingly broad array of […]

Three screenshots of mobile assistants being asked "Who is Barack Obama?" appear beside each other

Artificial Intelligence as a Tool for People with Disabilities

Jul, 7, 2017

by Sam Berman Like many people, my first direct, real-world interaction with artificial intelligence was with Siri on my iPhone. It was the first implementation of artificial intelligence that gained any serious, mainstream traction. And yet, at that time, Siri seemed like a novelty; a gimmick Apple pulled from science fiction movies. The kind of […]